True claims on liver cleanse

There have been claims made that multiple foods that we eat cleanse our liver. Foods like garlic, grapefruit, carrots, green tea, avocado and the list goes on. The garlic helps by activating enzymes in the liver which help with the detoxing, flushing of  the toxins. These foods are good for when we stuff ourselves with food. When we overeat and put fried food into our bodies our liver is working twice as hard and it’s not as efficient. The foods listed have been known to stimulate the liver and detoxify toxins in the body. I found a specific detox that is supposedly suppose to work.

*First thing on rising, drink 8 oz of pure water to flush your digestive tract.

An hour later, in a blender, mix up 8 oz of any fresh squeezed citrus juice (fresh squeezed apple juice or grape juice with all the sediment will work too), one lemon, 1 clove of garlic (increase by 1 clove each day), 1 tbs. of olive oil (increase by 1 tbs each day), and a piece of ginger (about 1″ long) along with 8 oz of pure water

Drink it down and follow with a fresh juice chaser to clear your mouth.

Fifteen minutes after consuming this drink, follow with 2 cups of the liver/detox tea. It is also important to take 2 droppers full of the liver/detox tincture 3-6 times a day while on the 5-day cleanse — and continuing after until the bottle is gone.*




14 Foods That Cleanse the Liver


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