false claims on liver cleanse

People claim that they can detoxify their liver by drinking all kinds of exotic drinks. They think they can drink it for 7 days or even longer in some cases and then magically have a more cleansed liver? wrong… You can’t actually cleanse something that already cleanses itself. Our body has a liver, kidneys and other organs for a reason. They are what cleanses our body, not those silly drinks and bazar diets. People who are selling these detox packages are getting great business from all these young girls and guys who think it’s doing good for their body. People also claim that while on the detox they lost weight. They are losing weight because they aren’t eating. Everyone speaks of this so called great thing that replenishes us and only the gullible ones are falling for it. We all must take care of our liver so we have our natural “detoxing” system in our body.



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